les 10 points du réglement pour les étrangers

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les 10 points du réglement pour les étrangers

Message  Admin le Lun 28 Mar - 11:48

the Guild of the MUPPETS demand has all players comply with the instructions given by the GM and the games.
(1) do not make KS voluntarily
(2) comply with all the players for the games
(3) to assist the smaller that is in the Guild, above those above you are and where you are also available.
(4) respect for the language to a player.
(5) the good mood and rigour in the Guild.
(6) during the farmage bosses to respect the instructions given by the head of the union or of the group.
(7) consult the rules regularly because other paragraphs can if Add.
if you ets in agreement with these few lines, mention read and approved the regulations
(9) for all registration of a player the regulations must be read this and a duty.
(10) good games to all....


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